Action packed police-crime drama that seemed to have captured faithfully an international incident known as the "Mekong River massacre." Filmed in Beijing, Yunnan, Penang and Thailand with non-stop gun battles, car chases, ka-booms, drug traffic violence and daring police missions. A bit overloaded by the number of characters and stunts but a good watch as a "based-on-true-story" thriller.

Per wiki:
According to the crew of a different boat who witnessed the attack, about eight gunmen stormed the Chinese cargo ships Hua Ping and Yu Xing 8 in the morning of 5 October 2011. The hijacking reportedly occurred in Burmese waters. Later during the day Thai river police in the northernmost Chiang Rai Province recovered the ships after a gunfight, and found about 900,000 amphetamine pills worth more than US$3 million. The bodies of the Chinese crew members were later retrieved from the river. They had been shot or stabbed, and some had been bound or blindfolded. ... After a long manhunt involving Chinese and Thai authorities, in late April 2012 Lao security forces captured Naw Kham (Naw Khar) in Bokeo Province and extradited him to China ...

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