Peril at End House
Peril at End House A Hercule Poirot Mystery By Christie, Agatha Large Print - 2014

Agatha Christie’s “Peril at End House” is a thrilling tale built around an invigoratingly complex and coherently enjoyable plot that includes many thrills, humor, and super-sleuthing surprises that the Poirot novels are known for and this tale does not disappoint. The reader is reunited with the narrator character of Captain Hastings which is a welcome return to the series as the banter between Hastings and Poirot is magnificent due to that they act as each other’s foil to near perfection. The self-aware humor in this tale is heavy-hitting and effective from early on in the novel and it continues with many memorable and humorous moments throughout; on numerous occasions Poirot and Hastings had me laughing out loud with their clever quips. The characters in this Poirot investigation are all fleshed out and close knit to one another which makes for an enjoyably heightened feeling of intensity to the novel. Of which the humor then plays an excellent part in providing the comic relief as well as in helping to provide a steady sense of pacing. Christie successfully uses her characters to provide interesting remarks on social commentary, spirituality, psychoanalysis, and criminology which are thought provoking and interesting to read especially considering the time period that the novel was published in 1932. Being as this is the seventh book in the Poirot series, the reader can tell that Christie has become very confident in getting across her themes and ideas, and the punches of her surprises are hard-hitting and masterfully created. Christie is even able to parody herself to memorably great effect in this novel which greatly adds to the enjoy-ability of some of the tales biggest moments. Overall this novel is impressive in that it is able to be very complex while still maintaining its coherency, along with that it is greatly benefited by some of the best humor the series has seen so far up until this point of which makes for a highly engrossing and memorable murder-mystery experience.

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