The devil, probably
The devil, probably Le diable probablement DVD - 2012 | French

Allow me to begin by saying that I am an admirer of Bresson as a "cinematographe" I.e. filmmaker, and have seen quite a few of his films. If you have not, this one would not be a good place to start. His style is an acquired taste, to be sure. His clarity and precision may seem cold at first blush but is aimed, I think, at instilling the viewer with a provocative mixture of thoughts and feelings/emotions. Think about the relationship that you have as a person with your world - by that, I mean the environment, politics, morality, religion, love, friendship and everything else in your life - and see if you could follow or, at least, understand the path and the choices that Charles, the protagonist, makes for himself. I think that is all Bresson is asking of the viewer. He isn't seeking your approval, I don't think. That is why he gave the film its title. "Probably" is based on the evidence that is before this particular individual. We, collectively, or he, as a filmmaker, might not be right.

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