Giant George
Giant George Life With the World's Biggest Dog By Nasser, Dave Book - 2012

George is big, not only big, the biggest, and with that size comes a few problems.

Space is one, but keeping a dog's nose away from things on counter tops only humans can normally reach is another. Still, this family adjusts to accommodate him, and he is truly worth it.

George is a gentle dog, and one with such a lovable temperament that the world embraces him. Through the struggles of having a child of their own, George is a bright spot, and a comfort, even while he races towards fame.

Narrated by the husband who was "convinced" by his wife to get a dog, he presents their tale in a good-humoured and casual way. He often comments on the struggles he personally faced to integrate this dog into his busy life, while at other times he remarks on his inability to understand his wife's desire to treat George the way she does. However, it is the remarks that give a sense of George's height that will both astound and crack you up.

While this is the story of a special dog, it is as much a tale of the journey of this family.

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