The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd A Hercule Poirot Mystery By Christie, Agatha Large Print - 2011

Agatha Christie's "the murder of roger ackroyd" is an engrossing murder mystery tale that successfully delivers knock-out twists and turns and by the end will have you thinking about its controversial and thought provoking ending for a long time to come. The book was published in 1926 and is regarded by Christie as one of her personal favorite novels that she's written, along with it being in her top two favorite Hercule Poirot novels. It's easy to see why Christie regards this particular Poirot novel as one of her best, as this is an absolutely astounding work of detective fiction storytelling complemented with very memorable characters, self aware humor, and astounding twists. I found myself reading steadily throughout the book, and then I began to read madly through the last hundred pages as there was no escape for me until I found out how Poirot would bring all of the pieces and clues together. Overall, the fact that this novel was published in 1926 and still stands today as being a thrillingly engaging murder mystery novel really speaks to the timeless quality of Agatha Christie's work. I will certainly be revisiting this novel in another read through in the future. Murder mystery fans and even non-fans alike, owe it to themselves to dive into one of Agatha Christie's favorite personal works of all-time.

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