How the Pro-choice Movement Saved America

How the Pro-choice Movement Saved America

Freedom, Politics, and the War on Sex

Book - 2006
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Baker & Taylor
Argues that the fundamentalist movement to end abortion actually does the opposite since this "anti-sex" Christian right campaign also includes opposition to birth control, sex education, and the over-the-counter sale of "Plan B," an emergency contraceptive pill.

Perseus Publishing
A pithy polemic bolstered by solid research, intellectual heft, and firsthand reporting, this is a book poised to change the debate over reproductive rights in this country wholesale. As activist and writer Cristina Page shows, the gains made by birth-control advocates (historically) and pro-choice organizations (currently) have formed the bedrock of freedoms few Americans would choose to live without. Now, not only is the future of legal abortion far from guaranteed, in many parts of the country ready access to many forms of contraception is in jeopardy as well. And that development, Page argues, should have everyone, regardless of moral or political persuasion, deeply concerned. For these basic freedoms are not just for the freewheeling gals of "Sex and the City," but are central to the lives of working mothers and fathers from Phoenix to Duluth, churchgoers and nonbelievers alike. Page crystallizes the thoughts and attitudes of a generation of women and men whose voices are seldom heard in the political arena. How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America is the first book to address the positive transformation our society has undergone because of our ability to plan when and if to have children. It also exposes the anti-choice movement's far-reaching-and dangerous-agenda. Fresh, bold, and stocked with counterintuitive arguments, this is a book bound to form the basis for heated conversations nationwide.

The frightening truth about the movement to curtail family planning and change the culture of sex across America, and what's at stake for all of us if it succeeds

Publisher: New York : Basic Books, c2006
ISBN: 9780465054893
Characteristics: xiv, 236 p. ; 22 cm


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Apr 16, 2017

Focuses on contraception. Does not discuss abortion per se. Overstates the certainty that contraceptive pills do not affect implantation.
--- Warns that Christian fanatics who oppose abortion also oppose contraception. Their real goal is enslavement of women. If Roe falls, contraception will be next. Thus to maintain contraception, you must support abortion.
--- This is false logic. People dislike abortion because of the obvious humanness of fetuses as shown in sonograms (and photos of aborted fetuses) -- the dismemberment and brain-sucking procedures used in abortion -- fetal struggles against the instruments of death -- and the many millions of mangled victims. These gruesome factors are not present in contraception.
--- Admits that Roe v Wade is legally shaky. (The Roe Court said it could not determine when life begins, and therefore a woman's Constitutional right to privacy must prevail over state abortion laws. The supposed privacy right is not in the Constitution, but was said to be implied. Since the Court could not determine when life begins, it should have left the issue to the people acting through their state legislators.)
--- Authoress claims Americans overwhelmingly support the right to abort, even if they would never do it themselves. Why then would state legislators, elected by these same people, ban abortion if Roe is overruled?

Feb 05, 2016

Hey serob, I wont debate you right now bc I don't want the risk of being banned from Bibliocommons (I tend to get heated and overly witty in debates). But I just wanted to let you know you are a fool and someday I hope you get educated. Everything in this book goes against my morals and I will take you on in private messages (so our debate is not open to the public). Come at me, I dare you. The pro choice movement didnt save America, is destroyed America. Now our country is a disaster, we have no morals, teens are getting abortions (which for your information is the murder of a human child, not a "piece of tissue" as you pro choice people would call it). So plz, don't comment on Bibliocommons unless you have something intelligent to say. This book is ridiculous, you are ridiculous and our country is ridiculous. We need to repent now before we end up like Sodom and Gomorrah. God Bless you and someday, I rly hope you take the time to get a proper education.


serob Feb 02, 2016

Congratulations jrayjedi!
In one comment you have committed almost every error of argument construction and presentation described in the following book: Aristotle And An Aardvark Go To Washington by Thomas Cathcart, Daniel Klein (available through CLEVNET). Place a hold and read it. It might save you future embarrassment. Also the use of a sock puppet (in your case, I'm suspecting you and JRock15 are one and the same) while not specifically mentioned in the Appropriate Use guidelines of CLEVENET, is considered unethical by the blogging/commenting community and only serves to undermine your own agenda. Just trying to be helpful here.

JRock15 Dec 14, 2015

I totally agree with jrayjedi I almost wrote the same thing (in fewer words) but he beat me to it.

jrayjedi Dec 12, 2015

First of all, I don’t know if the author could have picked a title more insulting to human intelligence. Maybe “how the pro choice has ushered in the golden age of the universe” or something like that?

I noticed in comments patrons said “Be proud of taking of taking a stand for babies when you support pro-choice”. I don't know if they are ignorant of blinded, but that statement is like saying, “Be proud of taking a moral stand by supporting ISIS terrorists!” I have heard people say that the baby is spared the horrendous life of being an unwanted baby, or other useless excuses. What about the horrendous lives of the countless men, women, and little children DESTROYED by ISIS Boko Haram in third-world countries. Is that excusable based on the fact that the natives are SPARED from living their horrendous lives?

Almost all of the babies killed are terminated for the same reason as Hitler's genocide of the Polish and German Jews-they are unwanted or considered lower life forms. Just because couple want to have extra-marital sex or don’t want to have bring their baby to term doesn’t justify the killing of babies any more than Hitler considering Jews to be lower life forms justified Auschitz and Treblinka. I use the term “lower life forms” sarcastically because it seems people don’t understand that the fetus is alive. You have to agree that a fetus IS alive so the only other option is that for some reason they are lesser and have fewer rights than the mother or any one else outside the womb. Where is the corrupt ACLU when they are ACTUALLY needed?!

In answer to assorted reviews of this book, why the heck did naturalist bring GOP into this? This is a moral dilemma not political party’s tenet. Although GOP and the Left fight over this issue, it does not mean that it is a political thing. This is a problem to be solved by the people, not the politicians. I think that people bring in politics to detract from the main issue when they have no logic to their stance.

I don’t know if StarGladiator noticed, but almost all dictatorships run better with fewer citizens-see communist China. It is harder to control more people ie. babies. I would say that controlling the population is the ultimate Control. Also, the only control the GOP might have would be to possibly make people think twice about having a sexual relationship, because if people knew they wouldn’t get away from the results of their relationship, they might THINK!!! Which seems like something people have a real problem with these days.

To ANITRA L FREEMAN, last time I checked, the right to live is a moral right. Also, do people still think it is okay to live at another’s expense? Pro-abortionists claim to enhance the life of children by giving the babies that are brought to term a better and more quality life. So is slavery okay, because it enhances the life of the one who owns the slaves? Of course not. Is the mob boss justified, who lives at the expense of hundreds of others? Then why is one baby justified in living at the expense of countless others?

If a couple decides to have a sexual relationship, they should be prepared for the possibility of a baby, Abortion is not the answer to thousands of babies born out of wedlock, any more that slavery is the answer to the upcoming predicted labor shortage. Teaching the implications of extra-marital relationship to teens and young adults would be the answer to these serious problems. Of course this will not be a possibility to reprobates and degenerates who want who will justify anything they really want to do. People have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Just because people like sex doesn’t mean they can freely dabble with at their whims. What if someone liked killing people? Is he justified? NO! He goes to prison for life. Justifying people baser acts and instincts will only lead to the RUIN of this country, not the the salvation of it-no matter what the title says.

Dec 07, 2015

“This is the GOP’s war on sex: Widespread popularity of sex without making babies is no obstacle to fundamentalist fanatics – Ohio Republicans cut all of Planned Parenthood's contraception funding, so now they're attacking prenatal care”
by Amanda Marcotte, posted November 20, 2015, on Salon
and . . . . .
“The GOP’s Long War Against Women and Sex – Why are we still surprised by Foster Friess, Darrell Issa and Rick Santorum's misogyny?”
by Jessica Valenti, posted February 22, 2012, subject: gender and sexuality, at The Nation
and . . .
for more background to this book, visit: NARAL Pro-Choice America at:
and, the resource: . . .
The Smart Girl's Guide to College: A Serious Book Written by Women in College to Help You Make the Perfect College Choice
by Cristina Page
published by:
Douglas & McIntyre, pbk, 221 pages, 1997, ISBN-10: 0374525145, ISBN-13: 978-0374525149
and . . .
author biography at . . . SheSource
and, perhaps some answers here . . .
“Why Are Conservatives Fighting Contraception?”
by Dan Savage, posted July 8, 2014, at:
recommended books:
“Taking Liberties : Why Religious Freedom Doesn't Give You the Right to Tell Other People What to Do”
by Rob Boston, Prometheus Books, 2014, ISBN: 9781616149116, 1616149116
and . .
“The Necessity of Secularism : Why God Can't Tell Us What to Do”
by Ronald A. Lindsay, : Pitchstone Publishing, 2014, ISBN: 9781939578129, 1939578124

Nov 30, 2015

Yes, as the commenter, Ms. Freeman, mentions below, IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL!
I can't help but notice - - with the latest murders at the Colorado Springs' Planned Parenthood clinic - - the hateful speech spewed by Carly Fiorina [and other republican candidates, including negative comments by Hillary Clinton] that Fiorinia encompasses the predatory capitalist thinking to the max: control of the serfs, through bodily control [anti-pro-choice], and economic control [Americans don't have a God-given right to a job so let's offshore all their jobs!]! Despicable, so despicable . . .

Oct 03, 2013

The same people who want to deny a woman the choice whether to continue a pregnancy also want to control a woman's right to choose whether to get pregnant, whether to even learn how to use contraception, even whether to work outside the home. Controlling those choices for women inevitably control men's lives, too. And while there are individuals who truly care about infant lives, most of those support women having control over pregnancy, because that results in better survival rates for the babies that are born. The national, well-funded groups are about controlling lives, not saving lives. All these claims are born out by evidence. Read, get the evidence, and be proud of taking a MORAL stand FOR babies when you support a woman's right to choose!


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